JJ's Railroad Links - Miscellaneous

  1. 140 Years Of Railroading In Santa Cruz County by Rick Hamman. A history of railroading in the Santa Cruz region of California
  2. Abandoned Lynchburg Rails abandoned railroad lines and locations in the Lynchburg, Virginia, area
  3. Ahead of the Torch online journal of railroad and industrial preservation
  4. Altamont Press Publishing Co. publishes railfan timetables and railroad news
  5. Archives of Appalachia: Railroads materials documenting the cultural, economic, political, and social development of southern Appalachia
  6. Arizona's Rail Stations Arizona Rail Passenger Association's ongoing documentation project of existing stations and structures in Arizona
  7. Around America By Rail A virtual diary of a twelve day rail tour of America from New York City to Los Angeles and from New Orleans to Chicago
  8. C. Robert Craig Memorial Library history of rail transportation in Canada, with an emphasis on eastern Ontario books, slides, photographs, plans and magazines
  9. Camron's Train Page Railfan guide to the Walla Walla Valley area of Washington
  10. Canadian Railway Modeller magazine Canada's only model train magazine
  11. Canadian Rail Operating Rules different versions of the Canadian Rail Operating Rules
  12. Canadian Railroad Historical Association: Toronto & York Division Information on the division's newsletter, programs, events, bookstore, and more
  13. Canadian Transit Heritage Foundation preserving Canada's urban transit heritage
  14. Canadian Urban Transit Association CUTA's members include all major transit systems across Canada, as well as a limited number outside the country, manufacturers and suppliers, consultants, government agencies and individuals with an interest in transit
  15. Brian F. Case's Railroad Site Brian F. Case's site
  16. Send a Railroad Postcard send postcards to your fellow railfans, by Brian Case
  17. Central Jersey Railfan Page Information on CR, NS, CSX operations in New Jersey, plus information on NJ Transit, by Andrew Ordun
  18. Central PA Railfan Guide railfanning in central Pennsylvania
  19. Central Virginia Railfan Page Maps, hotspots, and everything else needed to railfan this region of the state
  20. Coalcracker Paying tribute to past and present Pennsylvania anthracite miners and the railroads that haul the coal across the state
  21. Conrad's Train Page by Matt Conrad
  22. Craig's Railroad Homepage Information about unusual narrow gauge railroads and past railroading operations in the Southwest deserts
  23. CrossBuck Trains site by Chris Horchem
  24. Cyber World Of Trains Photos of contemporary railroading, articles on modeling, and computer schemes for Macs
  25. Danger Ahead--Historic Railway Disasters Each accident described here is a story of human frailty, systems failure or just plain ignorance as well as examples of individual courage
  26. Desert Rails Home Page Information about railfanning all the desert areas of Nevada and California, including Cajon and other locales
  27. Eastern Pennsylvania Rail Page J. Alex Lang's account of railfanning this area of Pennsylvania, along with train logs
  28. Edmonton On Track Information on railroad activity in the Edmonton, Alberta, Canada area and beyond
  29. Electric Lines In Southern Ontario Information about past and present traction and streetcar lines in Ontario, Canada
  30. Erik's Rail News Rail news from around the world, updated a few times a week, by Erik Sandblom
  31. Eric McFadden's Railroad Page Railfanning information for eastern roads in the OH, WV, and KY area
  32. Exeter West Group the 131-lever Exeter West Signal Box has been completely rebuilt and reequipped exactly as it was in 1960, located in Crewe, England, United Kingdom
  33. Explore Chicago: Transport Facilities Chicago, Illinois railroad and elevated stations
  34. Florida Of The Railroad Barons Florida History Internet Project's brief overview of the early period of railroading in the state
  35. Florida Rails Facts and fables dedicated to the past, present and future of railroads in Florida
  36. Fort Worth/Dallas Rail Scene Places of interest to professional railroaders, railfans, railroad buffs, and railroad enthusiasts visiting the Fort Worth/Dallas, TX area
  37. FotoImages railroad photographs
  38. "Frank's Wisconsin Railfan Page by Frank Schwalbach, Jr.
  39. Fred's Railroad Page Fred Ochs' many varied collection of railfan info
  40. Galesburg Railroad Days Galesburg, Illinois celebration of its Burlington Route railroad heritage
  41. Great Atlantic & Pacific Railway Co streamlined passenger equipment for sale
  42. Greater Capital District Railfan Association A Railfan's Guide to Upstate New York and Western Massachusetts
  43. Greater Rochester Railfan Page railroads in Rochestern New York
  44. Green Bay Railroads An interesting and informative page that presents a variety of facts, observations, history, maps, and pictures of railroading in Wisconsin
  45. Greg's Train Page by Greg Chadwick
  46. Gulf Coast Chapter Operating a non-profit museum that restores vintage railcars in the Houston, TX area and travels on excursions
  47. Hotbox: Prototype Railroading Invaluable tips on tracking down and railfanning the prototype across the country
  48. Houston Railroads railfanning Houston, Texas, including maps
  49. Idaho Historical Railroads operate historic railroad equipment and artifacts
  50. Identity Check Printers steam and diesel train bank checks
  51. Idiot Railfan lighthearted perspective on railfanning in the Northeastern United States
  52. Importance Of The Railroad To Midland, Ontario This page describes what the trains looked like and shows the significance of the railway to Midland, Ontario, Canada
  53. Industrial Heritage Homepage Preserving and sharing information primarily on Pennsylvania railroading, coal mining, and iron/steel making
  54. Into Ferroequinology railfanning sites around Selkirk, New York
  55. ITL Enterprises A unique site offering Railroad Grade Crossing Signals (real and replicas) for sale along with other RR collectables such as switchstands, signaling equipment, etc.
  56. The Kavanagh Home Page photos of modern subways, light rail and railroads (US & Asia) by Mark Kavanagh
  57. Limited Online: The Golden Age Of Railroad Passenger Service An expansive site devoted to the passenger service in America during the golden age
  58. Louisville Railfan letting other railfans know about the varied places to watch trains in the north-central Kentucky and south-central Indiana
  59. Lynchburg, Virginia historical railroad articles and photos on the Lynchburg, Virginia area
  60. Mainline Washington DC area and CSX site by Peter Dahlberg and Patrick Phelan
  61. Christine Masarweh: Railway Artist watercolor art prints of Eastern railroad subjects
  62. Metra North: NJ, NY & CT Railroad Page News, maps, and more concerning Metra North
  63. Mid-Missouri Railfan assorted photographs by John T. McGriff
  64. Mike Szilagyi's Home Page Information on trolley operations in Philadelphia and Norristown, PA
  65. Mile Post 67 Dedicated to railroad preservation and history in the state of Michigan
  66. Minnesota Railroad Research Project Information on railroading and scanner frequencies in Minnesota
  67. Motive Power Review railroad locomotive rosters, both current and historical
  68. Muskegon's Railroad Crossing history of railroading in Muskegon, along with its current operations
  69. Narrow Gauge
  1. National Hobo Association the 'Hobo Times.'
  2. Nevada Rails information on railfanning in Nevada by Jim Bryant
  3. New England Railroading And Trains New England railroads
  4. Niles Canyon Railway Sunol, California. Dedicated to restoring and preserving the history of the small unusual "railroad" operations of the Pacific Coast
  5. North American Railcar Operator's Association Dedicated to the preservation and safe, legal operation of historical MoW equipment
  6. North American Railroad Attraction List museums and tourist roads
  7. North American Railroads information on the prototype and modeling of the railroads of North America
  8. North Carolina Railfan Guide trains and rail operations in North Carolina
  9. North Carolina Tourist Railroad, Shortline, & Railfan Guide reference site by Randy Hampton
  10. North Platte Canteen From 1941-46 more than six million servicemen who traveled through NE during World War II fondly remember the hospitality of the Canteen, where every troop train was met by volunteers who prepared and served sandwiches, coffee, an
  11. NovaTech's Canadian Railways A wealth of information about Canadian railways and rail related industries, both past and present. Contributions of photos or information are welcomed
  12. Ontario Railway History Page A brief breakdown of all rail lines that were constructed in the Province of Ontario, Canada
  13. Onward's Roster Page roster information on various regional and shortline railroads in Canada and the Northwest US
  14. Oregon Railroad Museum (Virtual)Portland, Oregon area web site
  15. Pacific Northwest Railroading railfan site on various railroads in the Pacific northwest United States
  16. Pacific Northwest Railroading Information on railroading and modeling this region of the country
  17. Past Track: A Queen City Built By Rail A history of the railroad industry in Buffalo and western NY
  18. Piedmont Railroaders Club interested in all aspects of railroading in the Piedmont area, with railfan and historical information
  19. Postcards: Brian Case send railroad photo postcards to your fellow railfans.
  20. Powerton Report Railfan and event guides primarily for southeast Wisconsin
  21. Practical Plan For Building The Pacific Railroad A reprint of T.D. Judah's 1857 pamphlet at the Museum of the City of San Francisco
  22. Quebec City Railfanning railroad activity in and around Quebec City, Quebec, Canada
  23. Rail Lines of Houston railfanning Houston, Texas
  24. RailCenter Midwestern US railfanning
  25. Railfan WWWBoard A bulletin board for discussing railroad subjects.
  26. Railfanning Atlanta railfanning Atlanta, Georgia area by David Jaquay
  27. Railfanning In And Around Winnipeg information for railfanning in the Winnipeg, Canada, area
  28. Railfanning Kirkwood, Missouri by Ken Kirgan
  29. Railspot - Don's Rail Photos railroad photographs
  30. Railroad Art original railroad art by Roger Gilbert
  31. The Railroad Artwork Page railroad related artwork including paintings, drawings, clip art, animated gifs and computer rendered art
  32. Railroad Books for Sale older RR books for sale from Craig Miller's collection
  33. Railroad Building A school lesson plan from the Chinese Historical & Cultural Project Curriculum, complete with bibliography
  34. Railroad Dictionary
  1. Railroad Handcar Racing Learn all you need to know about the exciting sport of handcar racing
  2. Railroad History various histories of railroading
  3. Railroad Homepage by J. Reid
  4. Railroad Library Of Marty Myers histories of Midwestern railroads by Marty
  5. R.R. StuffRailroad Motor Car Resource Library, and Gulf Mobile & Ohio site
  6. Railroading in Delaware History and railfanning information by Tom Gears
  7. Railways in Germany German railways in English and Japanese, by Hisa HUH
  8. Railroads Of Kansas history of railroading in the state
  9. Railroads Of Madison County historical look at the railroads of Madison County, Indiana
  10. Railroads Of Newaygo County A brief history of railroading in this region of Michigan
  11. Rails And Trains In Ottawa, Canada list of train clubs, hobby shops, sights, museums, scanner frequencies, and more for the region
  12. Rails Northwest information for the railfan visiting the Northwestern United States
  13. Rails West Western Canada railroading
  14. Railway Guns & Armoured Trains Web-Museum for enthusiasts of railway guns and armoured trains of all sizes
  15. Richard's Railfan Roundup Information for the Kansas railfan
  16. Rose City & Northwestern Railroad railroading in and around Portland, Oregon
  17. Routes International: Public Transportation public transportation related site, with trivia, a ticket gallery, Transpo-E-Mail Connector, stories, bulletin board, chat line
  18. Run 8 railroad newsletter by Brian Rasmussen
  19. Sacramento Valley Historical Railways Dedicated to the preservation and restoration of railroad equipment and structures that were used in the Sacramento Valley of Northern California. Online articles
  20. Send A Railroad Postcard send postcards to your fellow railfans, by Brian Case
  21. Short Lines in Oregonrailfan site
  22. Society For Industrial Archeology A forum on the working past in which people share knowledge as well as the interest and challenge of exploring the structures and sites of our heritage. Covers several industries, including railroading
  23. Society for the Preservation of the S.S. City of Milwaukee railroad car ferry in Frankfort, Michigan
  24. Southern California RailFan Page by John T. McGriff
  25. Southern California Railroad Resources Southern California passenger train schedules and photos by Ron Lehmer
  26. Steam Locomotive Restoration Restoration of a standard gauge 0-4-0T, 0-6-0T, Plymouth yard engine, and Fairmont motor car
  27. SteamCad a collection of line drawings of steam locomotives, traction, and rolling stock by Brad Johnson
  28. Take Stock dealer of antique stock certificates, and many interesting and hard to find railroad certificates
  29. Texas Panhandle Railroad Historical Society history, photos, and information on railroads and railroad history in the Texas Panhandle and surrounding area
  30. Texas Railroading Information on railroading and stations in Texas
  31. The Railroad Page railfan site by James Kolanowski
  32. Trackside Motels state-by-state listing of motels that give views of train watching
  33. Trackside Online This weekly television series is a non-profit program that visits places and points of railroading interest, usually in the Chicago area. It is currently cablecast for free on public access channels in several Midwestern states
  34. TrainBoard.com message boards and discussion forums where railfans, railroad employees, and model railroaders discuss things ranging from Amtrak to Z Scale. Forums for present day railroads as well as fallen flags
  35. Train Depots In Winfield, KS An historical look at the depots of Winfield, Kansas
  36. Train Watching Around Pittsburgh railfanning Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  37. Trains In Oklahoma Serving members of both model railroad and prototype-oriented railroad organizations in central Oklahoma
  38. TRAINS Magazine Kalmbach Publishing Co.
  39. Trains Trains Trains Test your knowledge of rail history as you enjoy a variety of moving gifs and sounds
  40. Transcontinental Railroad Website Historical information, photos, and more about the important railroad
  41. Transportation Planing And Management/Train Dispatching information about train dispatching and transportation management of a railroad
  42. Twin City Railfan Guide railfanning in Minnesota, plus information on their scanner law
  43. Twin Cities and Western Railroad photos, map, information, links to Twin Cities area railroads
  44. University of California at Berkley, Harmer E. Davis Transportation Library university transportation library with an online catalog
  45. US Railfan Project An online source of railfan information about all areas of the country
  46. Vancouver Spotters Robert Franz Quillin's Train Bulletin, Fort Vancouver, Washington
  47. VC Tower VC Tower is the last interlocking tower in operation in the state of Oregon, and may already be the last operating interlocking tower in the USA
  48. View From Galt Station Information and more for railfanning in southwestern Ontario
  49. Voice of the Iron Horse site devoted to gathering and disseminating knowledge regarding the collecting of steam whistles by Joe Dailey
  50. Walla Walla Railfans Walla Walla, Washington railfan site by Camron
  51. Walt's Trainland railroads and railfan locations in the Capital Area of New York State
  52. Webville and Hypertext Railroad site for the archiving of historical and informational documents and binaries concerning Railroads, Railfanning and Model Railroading by Chris Coleman
  53. Western New York Railroad Archive A collection of historical railroad information from Western New York State, with information about all types of rail travel: steam railroads, interurbans, and streetcar lines
  54. Western Railroaders' Hall of Fame & Museum begun to provide a way to honor railroaders across North America and contribute to everyone's education and understanding of the contributions railroaders have made the West
  55. Western Washington Steam Railroad Page steam locomotives and where to see them in Washington
  56. Westminster Station Southern Ontario railfan
  57. Yard Limit American diesel switchers
  58. Zephyrville Times A personal recollection of railroading told through several essays and photos on topics such as SF cable cars, Wyoming Fast Freight, Nebraska Zephyr, and more

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